Call for Papers

All papers need to be submitted electronically through the website with PDF format. Papers must be clearly presented in English, must be single-space, double-columned with fonts no smaller than 10, must not exceed 12 pages, including tables, figures, references and appendices. The Latex template can be found here. Papers will be selected based on their originality, significance, relevance, and clarity of presentation assessed by at least three reviewers. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Theories of blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Distributed consensus and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Security, privacy and trust of blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Decentralization, scalability, and security tradeoff
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Simulation and performance evaluation techniques
  • Smart contract and chain code
  • Applications and services with blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Protocols and algorithms based on blockchain
  • Blockchain in the Internet of things (IoT)
  • Blockchain in cyber physical systems
  • Blockchain in social networking
  • Blockchain in supply chain management
  • Blockchain in agriculture
  • Blockchain in connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing
  • Blockchain in mobile cellular networks
  • Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
  • Blockchain in other areas
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